2018 is well underway, and with it, plenty of opportunities for the Three Rivers Archivists to build on last year’s success! While new event and programming ideas are percolating, members and supporters are encouraged to use the TRA platform for professional and personal development amongst themselves.

Interested in hosting an open house? Have a great idea for a workshop? Read an article you’re dying to discuss? Writers block preventing a successful grant submission? Plain’ole winter cabin fever? Use the TRA listserv (TRA@list.pitt.edu) to start a discussion, bounce an idea around, or ask a question. Submit event or program ideas to threeriversarchivists@gmail.com and we’ll help coordinate!

Interested in participating but not quite sure how? Last February TRA hosted a Museum Mixer where members socialized and generated an “idea board” of potential TRA initiatives and ideas. Together we can use these ideas as a springboard for a fun and engaged 2018!

  • Sharing resource and expertise on A/V stuff
  • #amplify: Regional contact list by collection scope and collections
  • Directory of TRA members and specializations if applicable
  • Reading and writing groups, both in person and virtual (Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack). Volunteer topics and organize between members, not specially by “TRA”
  • Tweet-ups, a la SAA, with other regional archivist cohorts as well as local groups
  • Collaborative writing initiatives with potential to submit to MARAC, SAA, etc… for publication
  • Grant writing discussions and meetups. Workshops to share tips and review drafts. Partnerships with programs like the CLP non-profit writing center.
  • Pooling funds and resources to facilitate workshops, training, seminars, speakers, and space.
  • DAS course – who wants what, and when?
  • Informal sharing of projects and initiatives via lightening presentations or similar methods as a way to present and make visible ongoing projects.
  • Archives “fair”
  • Making TRA a platform/venue for students and new professionals
  • Parties! to celebrate major projects (website announcements, happy hour announcements)
  • Bring certified Archives exam to PGH
  • Conference sharing: providing recaps of interesting experiences, sessions, exchanges for the benefit of the Pittsburgh community. MARAC, SAA, RRMS, DLF, MCN, etc…
  • Website calendar of events (members are encourage to send contributions to the email)
  • Wikipedia edit-a-thon focused on PGH content using area finding aids with educational component involved i.e. how to wiki.
  • Lingo: exploring a common vocab, or, understanding different vernacular used in our repositories and projects.
  • Informal sub-committees: Lone arrangers, Arts, Business, etc…
  • Student mentorship
  • Prizes! New people!
  • Clear communication channels
  • Public Archives show & tell for archives month to raise awareness and $$ for other events
  • Accessibility / forum for professionals, part timers, volunteers, student workers, between jobbers, information professionals, etc…
  • Participate in ischool resume sessions specifically for MLIS students
  • External outreach for PGH archives and records stories, i.e. Records managers, legal records, business records, etc…

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