On November 3rd 2018, Three Rivers Archivists (TRA) conducted its second annual “Preservation, Archiving, and Digitization Advice” workshop in collaboration with REcollection Studio (the DIY digitization lab at CLP)! The workshop took place at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Oakland Branch as an event during Historic Pittsburgh Day- a celebration of the collaborative website of the same name that features digital objects relating to the history of Western Pennsylvania.  Each workshop participant met with TRA volunteers for an in-depth consultation on their archives and rare book materials as well as with REcollection Studio volunteers for an overview of their resources and to begin their digitization project. This year, we met with 5 scheduled attendees and talked with 5-6 more walk-ins over the course of three hours! We also had take-aways, including sample collection inventories, preservation tips & contacts of supply vendors, and buttons!

For any questions, concerns, ideas about the Preservation, Archiving, and Digitization Advice workshop, please contact Megan Massanelli at mam687@pitt.edu.



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