On October 5, 2019, the Three Rivers Archivists conducted their third annual community archiving consultation workshop at the Historic Pittsburgh Fair at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Main branch in Oakland. During the two-hour event, workshop participants met with TRA members and received personalized consultation advice. Participants brought a variety of materials including photo albums, newspaper clippings, digitized World War II letters, scrapbooks, and more over the course of the consultations. After TRA volunteers offered their professional advice for the preservation, conservation, and digitization of the materials, participants were able to utilize the resources in CLP’s DIY digitization lab, the REcollection Studio.

TRA members consulted with six people at four individual appointments and talked with several walk-ins. According to TRA steering committee member Megan Massanelli, “All scheduled participants reported feeling more empowered to organize their materials and of having a better understanding of how to make sure they and their families have access to their memories in the future.”



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